Monthly Mystical Moon Photo Shoot

Mystical Moon Photo Shoot Special
July 21, 2018

Honor your connection to the cycles of the moon and explore the archetypes of the divine feminine with a Mystical Moon Photo Shoot.

As an avid wild women circle attender I am offering a special day in my studio to create fantastical moon goddess portraits.
This photoshoot aims to capture your individual soul and capture that unique YOU-ness on camera.  I am devoted to sisterhood and offer an alternative lens that challenges the media’s distorted projection of beauty.  Join me on this adventure to honor the goddess within.  Limited number of photo sessions available for  July 21, 2018.


Whats included:

  • Consultation and pre-production meeting on the goddess you want to capture and honor.

  • Professional hair and makeup application.

  • Choose from a curated selection of goddess dresses or bring your own gown.

  • Choose from 4 different mystical moon backgrounds for compositing.

  • 2 composited photos on a mystical moon background.

  • 6 selected raw images unedited.

  • Selected composited image will be delivered in web and print format.

  • All images watermarked will be delivered via an online gallery for selection and proofing.

  • Additional photos unedited $80/image.

  • Additional photos with composite are $200/image with 1 round of edits

Cost:  $497