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March 2, 2017
Location:  Around Digital Media
Boutique Photo Studio in Downtown Manhattan


What's included

  • One-on-one consultation to ensure your LinkedIn page is truly representative of how your want to appear online
  • A brand new headshot
  • Professional hair and makeup application
  • Lunch
  • Networking Happy Hour


Everyone needs 2 hour time slot for writing and hair and make up and photos

More than welcome to hang out, work and network in the studio throughout the day.

Lunch 1-2pm

happy hour and networking 6-8pm

Time slots start at 9-4pm on the hour and half hour. 

Time slots made available after payment is received.


Branding & WRiting

Prior to shoot you will receive a questionnaire to help us gain insight regarding your current branding, image and professional goals. 

Day of the event you will receive a on-on-one 30 min consultation with a professional consultant and narrative brand story teller. 

We will update your headline, summary, skills and projects


Photo Time

Within the consultation for making the photo, hair and makeup cohesive.

I breathe life into your branding and marketing vision

We always think with the end in mind and create a beautiful professional headshot with your brand and how you want to show up professinally

Professional hair and makeup session - 1 hours

Tether shooting so you can see photos immediately and make selection day of the shoot.

Additional photos can be purchased and retouched for $80 for retouching and photo usage rights