30 Minute EPK Power Photo Sessions
with Becky Yee

Around Digital Media will devote a single day in to artists and bring their vision to life
in quick, convenient, and extremely affordable ways.

ADM offers 30 minute power sessions for $150 with award-winning photographer Becky Yee
o create meaningful, creative, and effective digital content to suit and cultivate to your artistic identity. 

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What You Get

  • 30 min power sessions at the ADM photo studio, with high-end quality tasteful publicity photographs of you/your band.

  • Free access to backstage hair and makeup dressing room.

  • Coaching on how to pose.

  • Choice of grey, black or white backdrop or roof access.

  • Online gallery of all images, watermarked

  • One retouched photo with 1 round of edits.

  • Access to discounted hair & makeup, art direction, additional images and prints for purchase.

Mini EPK Session



  • The artist must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled session. If the artist require more prep (hair, make up, change of clothes, etc.), they must arrive much earlier and will be responsible on managing their own time.
  • ADM strictly requires all participants to be on time. If late, or no show, ADM will not be held responsible for the missed session time slot, fees are non refundable.
  • Hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling, must be done before your designated photo session starts. The 30 minute session does not excuse prep time. Once your time starts, it will be the artist's responsibility to make the most out of it. Therefore, clothing changes during shoots are ok but must be done within allotted time. Once your 30 minute session is up, ADM will not be required to compensate for time spent on prep. 
  • Watermarked photos will be delivered 24 hours after the session through a password-protected online gallery which will be accessible for two weeks. The artist will be required to select the photo within that timeframe.  After two weeks, the folder will have additional charges to access. 
  • One selected photo will be retouched and is included in the package. Every additional photograph will cost an additional $75 with no retouching and an additional $125 for each photo with retouching with 1 round of edits.
  • One round of edits are free and part of the package. Any additional edits after the first round, will be charged $65/hr.
  • Retouched photographs will be available in 3-5 business days after artist chooses and approves of the photograph. Rush charges are available upon request. 
  • Photographs will be taken behind black, white, or gray backgrounds. It will be the artist's responsibility if they wish to enhance their sessions through props, costumes, etc. which will be the artist's sole responsibility. Once your 30 minutes are over, ADM will have every right to stop the photography session.
  • ADM will provide hair and makeup for additional $100 for each person.
  • The 30 minute sessions can be booked by both individuals and bands. You are not allowed to book more than session per day. If you require more time, please consult ADM and we will work on booking a private session.
  • Prints will be available for additional charges. 


Mini EPK Session